What if things had transpired differently?What if Seido wasnt Eijuus first club?What if he had met some of his friends before?What if? 3. He could vaguely hear the other still talking but he couldnt make out what they were saying. Why?! According to Sanzu, the king is the most precious thing, the rest is nothing! "Oh nobody important." In front of him was a baby who looked exactly like him. 24. ' . 14. a little bit crowded. Character Sawamura is a hotheaded and loudmouthed youth who usually comes off as obnoxious. Something that entirely changed Sawamura's life. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), But what if.What if I say you can get another chance?A..A second chance? 40. What's new? Sawamura, shut up or Ill come over and hit you! yelled another loud mouth as he walked over with a few other players laughing behind him. 42. But what if.What if I say you can get another chance?A..A second chance? Ok you need to join Seido without showing your skills as a pitcher. Recon and Coach Chris https://archiveofourown.org/works/24796969/chapters/59968486, Some Stories are Meant to be Told by Hanasaku22 https://ao3-mailin01.archiveofourown.org/series/2625580, Rewrite the Future by 86Keely https://archiveofourown.org/works/8155100/chapters/18688853?view_adult=true. Sawamura Eijun, a first year pitcher at Seido High School, has developed feelings for Miyuki Kazuya, a second year catcher, and catches the hanahaki disease, a disease c. sawamura diamondnoace aceofdiamond +14 more # 6 the past and the present by infiresman~ 40.2K 1.4K 29 'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Rei-san walked off right behind him to give the medics any information they might need about his medical history as she had a copy of his file in her hand. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). 9. His very presence is like a threat, something that you will never forget. She asks, and her eyes start to glow brightly. Eijun didnt think it was possible to blush any harder, but he does and he lowers his head in embarrassment. Wow Eijun! "So I will be a bodyguard of sorts, while posing as nothing but a baseball player.". What happens if Sawamura was a year older? Sawamura Eijun knew the perks and benefits of being the ace, of the position he so desperately sought after. The great Sawamura Eijun's journey through the multiverse. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (32), Sawamura Eijun & Seidou Baseball Club (13), Sawamura Eijun & Various Seidou Characters (7), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (9), he who wears the crown, (must bear its weight), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Childhood Friends Sawamura Eijun & Takigawa Chris Yuu, Friendly Rivalry Sawamura Eijun & Furuya Satoru, Actual Character Development for Haruichi & Furuya, Post Seidou vs Inashiro (Daiya no A Act I), Alternate Universe - No Seidou (Daiya no A), Furuya Satoru & Kominato Haruichi & Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru & Miyuki Kazuya & Sawamura Eijun, Sawamura Eijun/ all the loves and supports he deserves, Sawamura Eijun/the love and support he deserves, Eijun actually has someone that guide him ayee, in this fic we will have healthy communication, manifesting no misunderstanding and miscommunication, No angst because I don't want to break my laptop with tears, Additional characters will be added in later, Sawamura Eijun/all the love and respect he deserves, This Is Not Going To Go The Way You Think, eijun knocking some sense into kazuya dumb ass brain, In Another Life [On Hiatus Until Further Notice], Sawamura Eijun & Various Seidou Characters, The Journey of a Certain Golden 'Genius' Pitcher, Sawamura Eijun gets the recognition he deserves, Sawamura Eijun has so many pitches in his arsenal, Miyuki Kazuya and Takigawa Chris Yuu Rivalry and possibly Sawamura Eijun too. No! 23. Eijun suddenly regains the memories of his futureself and is determined to fix past mistakes, at all costs. The coach is coming, he said to keep talking to him. Truths and Changeups There may be mistakes here, so don't throw slippers!!! In my opinion, Idk if it's because the author is improving, but the writing skills of the author are better shown in this fic than in Crown. Any other suggestions? Despite having a difficult upbringing, the man is focused on more important pursuits, like baseball. 11. two-track mind tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. - So it turns out you're from another universe?He looked into his eyes, or into the eyes of a person who is another him and who apparently came from an alternate universe?- Apparently so. A What if Sawamura Eijun was not as idiotic as most people would think about him. 22. Only one problem: Bullies are jerks, and Eijun isnt who he was in canon. But you, uh, dont really have to do this, you know. Eijun mentally kicks himself as soon as the words leave his mouth. Eight National Treasures aiming to be the best in Japanese baseball. [Author's English is very poor so please don't expected much]. Sawamura Eijun is a Ray of Sunshine BAMF Sawamura Eijun Koshien (Daiya no A) Baseball Self-Indulgent Slow Burn Smart Sawamura Eijun Mature Sawamura Eijun The story which Sawamura Eijun had a sister and they both goes to Seidou High. We all know that Eijun's not really smart in canon, but there should be an alternate universe where he's academic smart, right? Contrast to most beliefs he was a very sensitive person that got bothered really easily, with the slightest of teasing and boy were his teammates bothersome! What Withholding Secrets get him Sawamura Eijun has always been ambitious and has set new goals for himself all his life. *Seido team members (miyuki)always make fun of sawamura Sawamura Eijun. A BOY WHO HAS ONLY EVER PLAYED ON A Or die trying. It wasn't that much of a difference, but he looked in the mirror every day and could see the small differences. Tanba vs. Tanba.? Yuji Sawamura is a young man who is lively, caustic, and serious. A Vampire disguised as human, attending a vampire-accepting school? Doubts and Insecurities An Arrogant Blonde Pitcher and A Remorseful Eij Work Search: Tetsu-kun, that idiot wont change no matter what we say or do. The event that lead to the beginning of awakening of his hidden potential. Whats wrong? Haruichi said softly when he heard Eijun whimper only to notice he was still on his hands and knees, quivering. Despite how easygoing and relaxed Miyuki had seemed every time he came over to the field to coach him, he knew how hard it had been for the ex-catcher. Take that back! Jun yelled as he ran after him grabbing him in a head lock as he rubbed at his bald head with all his might as Tanba yelped and tried to break his hold. He found himself eye-to-eye with another pair of familiar golden eyes, whose owner let out high-pitched cries. August slips away with the last chance of Kuramochi and Miyuki to play a game on the same field, leaving remnants of regrets and yearnings to pile up as a burden that they both would have to carry until the graduation day. Eijun and Chris vs. the Senpai Will everything change when an eager first-year expresses his interest in replacing Miyuki as Sawamura's catcher? The story which Sawamura Eijun had a sister and they both goes to Seidou High. Dragon, hero and baseball player break time and space (again). Or author-chan can't find a story where Eijun's academic smart, so she will write it herself. Takara, who would become her dearest friend. 48. So, the boy who smiles brighter than the sun and brings light into the lives of everyone around him, dies an untimely death, a second chance is given.A second chance to do what he couldn't. From under the shade of a large tree overlooking the field, Ejiun watches as the second-string players run their final laps for the day, bathed in the glow of the late sunset. He knew who was, though. A second chance, so when he dies of age, he has no regrets.No regret, and no guilt that had once choked him when he saw the tears of his third year seniors.No regret, and no guilt for the losses. What will you choose?". 1546 guests Kuroo looked at the angry brunette with gold eyes that reminded him a little of Kenma, the black haired teen noticing that all the commotion caused practically everyone on the field to look at him and no doubt witnessing him sitting on their captain. Tetsu, Jun and Tanba started doing the same telling everyone about practice being canceled and started leading the others further away. Both of you are right, okay? Could he grow more than he could possibly imagine? He's the oldest!" A familiar scowl on his face as he stared down at his first year roommate. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Just another time travel story to add to the multiple already written. From small he would never waver from his decision and always worked hard to gain something. 10. are you smiling? Todoroki Raichi If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. That's the whole point of the game!After that, he feel like he was hit on the forehead, as Mucho sometimes did when he was particularly angry with him. Time Travel Fix-It; Slow Burn; Tags May Change; Language: Bahasa Indonesia Stats: Published: 2022-11-13 Updated: 2023-03-04 Words: 13801 Chapters: 9/? Regret is a strong emotion. Make sure you warm up properly next time, Sawamura. Everyone thought he's friendly and sociable. Title says it all He became successful and achieved everything he wanted.Eijun was happy until he found himself in such a similar but alien world. 25. Sawamura Eijun is the Ace Time Travel Team Captain Sawamura Eijun Third Year Sawamura Eijun Mature Sawamura Eijun If you could choose which moment you would like to go back to the past, which moment would you choose? A community for fans of Yuji Terajima's high school baseball shonen manga, Ace of the Diamond, and its adaptations. 2. Work Search: 58. Sawamura thought as he got into the stance to throw. Babysitter?! A series of short stories that follow Seidou's famous shortstop as he develops a c ~ the newest ones are the best as the one shots get progressively better because my writing has changed over time ~ Please consider turning it on! Sorry, Im not very good at this, Chris admits. [More or less similar-to-canon story, with more powers, different ending, will eventually have a sequel, told by Hanma]. Sawamura's journey as Seido's Ace at the national level has only just begun. 16. 4. or; Eijun finds himself back in the past, but this one is different from the one he remembers. Harucchi do you hold any regrets of these 3 years?, Mine is not being able to attend Kshien with the senpais we managed to attend many times in a row. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Ota chose to stay behind with the players knowing Kataoka-kantoku and Rei-san would be able to handle the situation leaving him in charge of the players slowly making their way back to the dorms in groups. underdog!Kuramochi x scout!Miyukiace!Sawamura x contender!Furuya. With memories of a life they are trying to change, Kurapika, Kuroro, Killua and Cheadle must work together to stop the Chimera Ants and save those who they care about the most. 60. Bummer, guess you all know now huh? "Bakamura", with this nickname Sawamura Eijun has been known since his arrival in Seidou. To live andto play baseball as he desired. The Tip of the Iceberg I Won't Lose! So how was he supposed to act around the team now, especially around his so-called battery partner, Miyuki Kazuya, who had ignored him to prioritise their ace-sama? Sa maybe a good smack to the head will shut him up? said Ryousuke as he swung a bat lightly as he watched his younger brother argue with the other boy as they finally got him to stop running so hard. Neither of them ever got the chance to confess. Crown - Sawamura goes to Inashiro instead of Seidou and is stronger than the canon one https://archiveofourown.org/works/26423740/chapters/64374133, Changing one's past could change one's future - Sawamura is OP and goes back in time ( it has a little bit of ChrisSawa but is not the main plot) https://archiveofourown.org/works/25539442/chapters/61968370, Even sunshine falters - Sawamura is strong with a sad past https://archiveofourown.org/works/27728486/chapters/67867940, A second chance at summer - Sawamura travels back in time to his first-year self and is OP ( this is my favorite DNA fanfic with the Crown being second!) Haruka Inejiro was messed up in every way imaginable. Soon enough, one side would have to bend. What if Eijun, Haruicchi, and Satoru go to a kinda friendly version of Kunugigaoka middle school with none of that End class thingy and our beloved Koro-sensei is a human rather than an octopus? There may be mistakes here, so don't throw slippers!!! No, senpai, it feels great! For strangers who just got to know each other, the new first-year pitchers are thick as thieves - when they aren't busy wanting to crush each other. She is outgoing and sarcastic, and a "Just as spring came, I became aware of your presence for the first time." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://archiveofourown.org/works/26423740/chapters/64374133, https://archiveofourown.org/works/25539442/chapters/61968370, https://archiveofourown.org/works/27728486/chapters/67867940, https://archiveofourown.org/works/23765203/chapters/57082513, https://archiveofourown.org/works/28364592/chapters/69496680, https://archiveofourown.org/works/27453514/chapters/67115536, https://archiveofourown.org/works/24796969/chapters/59968486, https://ao3-mailin01.archiveofourown.org/series/2625580, https://archiveofourown.org/works/8155100/chapters/18688853?view_adult=true. Haha - ugh! you might love it.. i personally love it. Sakurazawa vs. Narumiya Mei The others crowded around them as well when they heard him yelling, their worried eyes watching as their southpaw pitcher shook on his hands and knees with his eyes glazed over as he stared at nothing. He can't leave anyone alone. When I went home of Sawamura I also found out that he no longer has a family and lives alone.". Apa lagi yang kini tersisa untuknya? Suffering from homesickness and unable to speak the language, he finds comfort in the older boy in the apartment next door, and with it, his life starts on a entirely different trajectory. At least, that's what his younger self thought before he met the miracle boy: Miyuki Kazuya. 5. New Pitches?! sawamura eijun time travel fanfic. Have yet to happen?, continue to flash through his mind like watching a movie about himself, the ups and the downs creating a rollercoaster of emotions. Ill never stop! yelled Sawamura as he ran past a few joggers on the outskirts of a baseball field with a tire tied around his waist. Together they lost. You want to graduate in the second-string with an injured arm and broken dreams?. He makes it less than twenty minutes before he decides fuck it and gives in. MiyuSawa semi-canon. [I'm sorry everyone, I would like to update the story as well, but I haven't touched anything DnA in so long, I don't remember anything. New and Familiar Faces A genius finally managed to build a time machine. - From which an unimpressed look was directed at him. "DAICHI'S GONNA KILL US!" thought the redhead as he assured his trainer that he was fine. AU. The catch here is that Sawamura Eijun, already there for one year, is locked in on a seven-year deal with them and nearly got them to the Division Series. He was actually a very serious, and gentle boy. 2 in #narumiyamei [2020/02/05], [Hey! ] One Wish, one more chance to change things. Chris hands travel up and down the length of his back, palms kneading and fingers squeezing, and if this massage couldnt get rid of Eijuns fatigue, the adrenaline rush surely would. or, Kazuya fell in love with a certain golden-eyed pitcher in his dream. 7. bordering on obsessive Sanzu tries to figure himself out at Shinichiro's grave but leaves with even bigger questions after one game of shogi with one strange boy.Warning: English is not my native language! Ding! The other joggers being other members of the Seido baseball team watched in grudging respect as he blew past them as if he couldnt even feel the weight of the tire though the ones that knew him best could tell by the tense look on his face he was pushing himself again. 31. The freshman would normally heed his seniors advice, take down notes even, but right now all Eijun can think about are Chris hands and how damn good it feels to be touched by them. Sawamura is discovered by a Pro(?) Eijun to the Mound With a hand that hasn't quite lost its tremor, he reaches into his pocket and retrieves his phone. Maimon West High vs. Seido Best of Eight or Bust That much she was certain. Another explanation for why we both have the same name and look exactly the same. It is a time-traveler!Eijun fanfic. Sawamura Eijun, independent omega BY CHOICE, didnt mean to follow the young alpha home. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, 1. it starts with a funny feeling They left the King's Body and a new Queen arose. After receiving an invitation for the Sawamura twins both to play baseball in Tokyo at Seidou, Yuji made the decision to accompany hi. Chris slowly stood up and stepped back as the medics started working on Sawamura checking his vitals and placing an oxygen mask over his face before placing him on a stretcher and leading him away with the coach and Rei walking beside them. The Talented 27 pages February 4, 2019 ThePricklyCactus He saddles up to them and drag them into the group. I can read almost everything. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (44), : | Starmyu | High School Star Musical (1), Sawamura Eijun & Seidou Baseball Club (8), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Post Seidou vs Inashiro (Daiya no A Act I), Alternate Universe - No Seidou (Daiya no A), Sawamura Eijun/ all the loves and supports he deserves, Sawamura Eijun/Original Male Character(s), Professional Baseball Player Sawamura Eijun, Isashiki Jun/Yuuki Tetsuya/Tanba Kouichiro, Dubious consent turns into exuberant and affirmative consent. "To experience koshien again but with your senpais during your first year in Seidou. So, the question becomes, what else can the Mariners do if they have Eijun's high school catcher with them? Not being able to pitch to the inside and being told to run during practice as the others moved on and continued to practice for the fall tournament. The King and his Usurper Please consider turning it on! KhunBam time travel fanfic idea. Stronger than anything they had ever seen or fought. ", Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (43), | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia (Anime & Manga) (2), Sawamura Eijun & Seidou Baseball Club (8), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (24), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Sawamura Eijun/ all the loves and supports he deserves, Bokuto & Kuroo & Oikawa & Sawamura & Terushima & Ushijima, Bokuto Koutarou & Kuroo Tetsurou are Bros, Sawamura Daichi and Sawamura Eijun are Cousins, Don't underestimate Kuramochi's instincts, Bokuto's smarter than he looks. With an arm beyond repair and one more step left towards his last chance at Koshien, Sawamura Eijun bid farewell to his baseball career. Ignoring the futile attempts of the teen under him, Kuroo cracked a grin "Just this assholes' cousin.". As the machine leaves him stranded in the future, he has no clear way of getting back to his own time. You anticipated this. What if all their precious time together leads to Kazuya not wanting to wake up anymore? But thanks for the compliment.. What? Im sure the others will all be waiting together until we hear from the coach he said before grabbing onto Miyukis shoulder to help him stand. 8. human pillow Posted on June 3, 2022 by - differenza tra gramigna e gramignonedifferenza tra gramigna e gramignone Experience something new. He saddles up to them and drag them into the group. Harus lebih kuat.. lebih kuat dari sebelumnyaLebih- belum cukup! After receiving an invitation for the Sawamura twins both to play baseball in Tokyo at Seidou, Yuji made the decision to accompany hi. It's too much fo a far fetched dream. I read it thanks to your suggestion, it was really good! The sound of the ball hitting the batter's head can be heard as the entire stadium went silent from the shock as they saw him fall to the ground. To me going back to being a first year? Eijun mused over this thought. A friendship between a Fujoshi and Fudanshi is not that imposible or hard after all they have the same interest but romance between them? Or: Change always comes, regardless of what Kazuya wants. Dont end up like me.. You know Im right, right Harruchi? A collection of stories with canon or original characters travelling through time or between worlds. Chris' Introspection & Miyuki's Revenge Time Travel; Character Death; Time Travel Fix-It; Slow Burn; Tags May Change; Language: Bahasa Indonesia Stats: Published: 2022-11-13 Updated: 2023-03-04 Words: Ding! Uzumaki Mito named her Takara as she was once treasured by an Uzumaki. Will he lead a better life and than his last and succeed i *Miyuki always prioritize Furuya than Sawamura (Pitching Practice) [] His aim was to fortify his home and his family so that they would never again be left vulnerable to greedy cultivators aiming for his genius. Work Search: She has her brother by her side! Please consider turning it on! as well as Long oneshot. Because the infinite what ifs, can ruin somebody. Southpaw vs. Southpaw 19. Her first clear memory was waking stark naked and half-submerged in a lake, the sight startling her into moving. 12. write my name properly Rather than mourning a future that had not happened yet, he would rather work with all his might to prevent it from happening. It's been nearly four years since the last time they've spoken when, for reasons that can only be guessed at, Miyuki and Kuramochi find themselves on an international vacation planned (but not paid for) by two of their old teammates. Author's Note Monster Pitchers vs. 61. Hailed as a baseball prodigy, Sawamura Eijun arrives at Seido High hot from the burning heat of Los Angeles, determined to make his brothers dream of winning Koshien a reality. 56. He makes it sound like hes such a bad person. Wait a minute.There must be a catch, right?. Eijun took a deep breath because there was no way, but he looked back at the mirror and his eyes widened. Batters will swing, some miss, some fouled; Truly, he is every batters worst nightmare. It was the one constant thing in his life until it wasn't. She was a little anxious. 17. 50. Things that made no sense as he doesnt remember any of this happening to him and yet all of the things he was seeing were definitely of him and the others. But he isnt complaining, though. Eijun-kun! yelled Haruichi he tried to catch up to him, a stoic Furuya running alongside him as they tried to stop Sawamura from pushing himself too much. Ding! "I don't know, when I went to nagano to scout him and find out if he returned to this timeline like us, this is what I found, and there's one more thing I wanted to say. There was only so much one could take of heartache, loss, and being generally set aside before they begin to wonder why they still go on doing what they do. 29. Eijun-kun, let it go. Lebih kuat lagi!Lebih lama berada digundukan itu, Lebih kuat lagi!Lebih bisa diandalkan dari sebelumnya, Lebih kuat lagi!Sampai dimana mereka akhirnya melihatku. Things couldn't be more shocking than this, would it?